Radioooo: Twitter-Powered Social DJ-ing from Japan

The idea's simple, even if the execution is close to painful. Tweet your music requests via Twitter, and they're cued up to be played on a big jukebox in the sky. Lke what you're hearing? Give the DJ a clap, or even a standing ovation.

Here's how it works: Users post Youtube music videos via Twitter, and these are picked up by the Radioooo service. A downloadable application acts as the music player on your computer, showing the current music video and the next one that's cued up.

By "clapping" or "standing" to a track, the application posts a tweet to your Twitter account, including a link to the Youtube video, and a mention for the DJ.

Still following? Here's how you do it:

Step 1

Download and install the Radioooo application (it's Adobe AIR, but just bear with me)

Step 2

Launch the app and log in to your Twitter account to hear the music currently playing. The two screens show the current music video, and the next one cued up.

Show your approval of a track by clicking the "stand" or "clap" buttons below the playing video.

Step 3

Make a request by tweeting the Video ID of a Youtube music video in this format:
@radioyoutube videoID #radioyoutube

For example, to request this Youtube Music Video:

Tweet this:

@radioyoutube YYn-2Q27z8o #radioyoutube

You can see your track added to the cue list by doing a realtime search for #radioyoutube.

It should start playing before too long, as long as the service isn't overwhelmed with Tweets.

OK, so it's not going to replace or Spotify anytime soon, and is destined to become totally unusable in its current implementation if it ever gets popular, but a round of applause for the idea.

Oct 15 2009

James Bowskill

James Bowskill leads interactive design at A.C.O. in Tokyo, where he has lived since 2001. He also maintains a growing collection of Japanese packaging.

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