Great iPhone Apps for 2–3 Year Olds

Following on from last week's post on kids using iPhones, a quick list of Apps that have my son's sticky-fingered seal of approval (all links to the iTunes App Store):

  • Peekaboo Barn — a simple introduction to farm animals, beautifully executed with an easy interface.
  • Preschool Adventure — 6 interactive screens teaching colours, numbers, shapes, body parts, animals and farm animal sounds.
  • Wheels on the Bus — a nicely done interactive song with the option to record your own voices to the backing track!
  • Elephant Song — another interactive song, full of silly mistakes by the singer for kids to laugh at. Be warned, it has a nasty habit of getting stuck in your head though.
  • Hatch — funny how the simple ones hit the spot. Tap the egg until an animal hatches with a comedy “boing”. Hysteria ensues.
  • SmackTalk — a lineup of cheeky animals speak back via the mic and speakers. Endless fun.
  • Balloonimals — “blow” into the iPhone to inflate balloon animals which you can then play with. The hardest part is teaching your child that they don't actually have to force air up your iPhone's mic.

You can find even more apps in the second post on this series, More Great iPhone Apps for Preschoolers.

Oct 05 2009

James Bowskill

James Bowskill leads interactive design at A.C.O. in Tokyo, where he has lived since 2001. He also maintains a growing collection of Japanese packaging.

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