First IdeaPaint Walls in Japan

We're big users of whiteboards at the office, but have always skimped on professional boards in favour of quick and dirty dry-erase sheet on plywood panels—a fraction of the price, but not the most stylish of solutions.

Earlier this year I came across IdeaPaint—a product that turns anything you can paint into a dry-erase surface, enabling you to write directly onto walls and tables then erase as if it were a whiteboard. After getting in touch with the makers, I found out the product wasn't yet available in Japan, but they were interested in the market here.

So this summer A.C.O. and IdeaPaint joined forces to create a temporary Tokyo IdeaPaint showroom—painting 100m² of our Gotanda workspace including Gotanda Sonic, A.C.O., Tokyo Pistol and Eureka Computer's offices.

Last week we held a small launch party for the project to coincide with co-founder Morgen Newman's arrival in Japan, celebrating with a free-for-all graffiti session, and an interactive wall by our friends at Alliance Port:

Thanks to all those who came over to our office to play on the walls, to IdeaPaint for all the paint, and to Alliance Port's Yamato san for the great photos.

Jul 28 2009

James Bowskill

James Bowskill leads interactive design at A.C.O. in Tokyo, where he has lived since 2001. He also maintains a growing collection of Japanese packaging.

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